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Eten India is a young organization founded in 2008, led by vastly experienced people at the helm. The company has made its mark in the media world in a short span of time, mainly because of hard work and knowing the pulse of ever evolving, novelty seeking world of media.

Eten India is a brand communication firm engaged in the business of providing integral solutions and marketing of digital consumables in India. The company's considerable breadth of offerings and internal expertise gives its clients access to total print solutions, with direct control over the outcomes and tailor-made solutions for the client's print requirement, from the manufacturer.

We strongly believe in building the brand first which subsequently results into building sales. We provide easy to use, practical and innovative display solutions which will ensure maximum brand reach. We create a compelling brand message that works consistently for our clients across every point of communication, from the biggest of big pictures to the smallest execution details.

We bring trust and quality to our work and not only provide mere agency relationship or vendor service but we believe in providing partnerships where we share the same goals, objectives and expectations for the future.

Eten India's constant efforts to innovate have resulted in tie-ups with the best of products all over the world which are well combined with a devoted branch network and competent service.

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